Time to wake the Sleeping Giant

Strasbourg |

The Waste Legislation Review Package will be a lost opportunity if Member States don't wake up quickly to the need for efficient resource use

With a potential deal possible next Sunday (17th December 2017) in negotiations between the European Parliament, the Council of Environment Ministers on the European "waste package“, MEP Karl-Heinz Florenz (CDU), the shadow rapporteur of the EPP group in the Parliament criticises the Council: „Ministers from all Member States were loud in their commitments to a Circular Economy, in which resources are kept in use as long as possible, then transformed and used again once they become waste. But they seem to have gone awkwardly silent now that it comes to concrete legislation that could deliver those benefits. Not only silent, but rolling backwards. The Council is now proposing recycling targets for packaging waste in 2030 that the EU already reached three years ago! And the German government is not taking the lead that it could and should. With this approach we do not only gamble away 30.000 potential jobs and an economic potential worth billions, but we also lose urgently needed resources, most of which we would need to import.  The Member States in Council need to wake up and take action to make sure these resources are used to boost our economies, not buried in landfills.”